Grade 3B

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our grade 3 web page. My name is Tracey Featherstone and I’m your child’s English teacher. Here you will find information about English homework, class work and upcoming school events.

A school supply notice was sent out last June asking for certain items. Make sure your child has all the required duo tangs. BEFORE THE FIRST ENGLISH CLASS AT HOME LABEL THE DUO TANGS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME AND WRITE THE SUBJECT.

The duo tang must have pockets. All students are permitted only 1 pencil case to class. Make sure you purchase a large case to fit all pencil crayons, a few led pencils, eraser, large glue stick, sharper, scissors and stylus. ALL SUPPLIES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THEIR PACKAGING AT HOME AND ALL PENCILS SHARPENED AT HOME BEFORE THE FIRST ENGLISH CLASS. I DO NOT ALLOW MARKERS UNLESS IT’S FOR A PARTICULAR REASON.

Thank you!!

Ms. Tracey Featherstone


December 5: Read Owls Overhead each day. Return your book on Monday.

December 2: Read Barn Owl 🦉 each day. Complete work package for Thursday. An evaluation went home. December scholastic went home. If you order online you can order from any of the available catalogs.

November 28: Read each day Barn Owl pages 89 to 97. An evaluation went home.

November 25: I’d like to share a nice educational application with you called Prizmo Go. Take a photo of the text and it reads back to you, highlighting each word.  The speed and voice can be adjusted. Spelling Lesson 10 is due on Thursday. Learn the new words and complete all the worksheets. Practice learning the words on Spelling City. Here is the link.


November 14: Due to an Armenian celebration in the gym this morning, we did not have a regular English class. 

November 11: Everyone has a copy of their bat 🦇 Keynote. Prepare for the oral presentations next Monday, November 18. Scholastic went home.

November 4: Read your library book. Write a journal entry in your journal.

October 31 🎃👻👿🤡:  On Monday there is a unit 1 grammar exam. Thoroughly review lessons 1-9. You must know the terminology as it will not be explained. For example synonym, contraction…

October 28: Complete grammar lessons 6 to 9 and the 2 sided unit 1 review sheet for next class. Some kids did poor research and need to properly do it for next class. 

October 21: Everyone has picked a bat to research. Go on google and complete the attached sheet with as much information as you can. You will not progress in the project if you don’t do the research.

October 17: Complete bat 🦇 work package for next class. There will be a quiz on Monday.

October 10: Read your library book 📚.

October 7: In your journal write about your weekend.  Read your library book. Thursday there’s a test on Johnny Appleseed and we will begin our unit on bats 🦇.

October 3: Read your library book. 

September 30: Complete Johnny Appleseed booklet for next class. Bring an apple to class on Thursday for a special activity! Read your library book.

September 26: Our class was cut do to Armenian Independence celebrations in the gym. Return your grammar on Monday to correct.

September 23: Complete grammar lessons 1  to 5 for next class. Read your library book.

September 19: Complete 2 worksheets for Reggie Alone. Read the story each day. There will be a quiz next class. Read your library book.

September 16: Read each night Reggie Alone. Make sure to have all your English work for Thursday’s class.

September  12: Complete 3 worksheets for My Friend Jacob. Spelling Lesson 3 is due Monday. Learn the new words and complete the lesson. You can practice on Spelling City.

September 9: Read each day My Friend Jacob pages 192-204. Scholastic notice and flyer went home. Journal writing is due for next class. Pick to write about your summer or the first days of school so far. Complete 1 page.

September 5: A notice went home regarding our class and supplies. Come to class with all your supplies properly organized.