Grade 3B

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our grade 3 web page. My name is Tracey Featherstone and I’m your child’s English teacher. Here you will find information about English homework, class work and upcoming school events.

A school supply notice was sent out last June asking for certain items. Make sure your child has all the required duo tangs. BEFORE THE FIRST ENGLISH CLASS AT HOME LABEL THE DUO TANGS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME AND WRITE THE SUBJECT.

The duo tang must have pockets. All students are permitted only 1 pencil case to class. Make sure you purchase a large case to fit all pencil crayons, a few led pencils, eraser, large glue stick, sharper, scissors and stylus. ALL SUPPLIES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THEIR PACKAGING AT HOME AND ALL PENCILS SHARPENED AT HOME BEFORE THE FIRST ENGLISH CLASS. I DO NOT ALLOW MARKERS UNLESS IT’S FOR A PARTICULAR REASON.

Thank you!!

Ms. Tracey Featherstone


June 13: An evaluation went home. Field trip parent consent is required to go to the park on Monday.

June 10: A field trip notice went home. I need at least 1 parent volunteer. Thank you!

June 6: Today everyone was given a printout of their spider Keynote project. Partners need to prepare their parts for the oral presentations. Do your best to know your parts well. If you need to read parts, know how to properly pronounce the words. The orals begin on Monday, June 10th.

May 30: An evaluation went home. The last scholastic of the year can be ordered only online. Check out my notice!

May 27: An evaluation went home. A spider 🕷 Research Project was assigned today along with a partner. Each partner is responsible for researching 2 information pages. Find your information on the internet and complete to class ready to work on Thursday. 

May 23: Read Charlotte’s Web chapters 21 and 22. Complete the last 2 work pages. On Monday we’ll do a quick review and a final exam for Charlotte’s Web. 

May 16: Finish Unit 3 grammar review for next Thursday. Review lessons 19 to 39 for a grammar exam next Thursday. Read Charlotte’s Web chapters 19 and 20. Complete page 29 vocabulary study page.

May 13: Today we were only 8 in class as the rest were in choir practice for Thursday’s concert. No new material.

May 9: An evaluation went home. Read Charlotte’s Web chapter 18. Complete work pages 25, 26 and 27. Grammar lessons 35-39.

May 6: Read Charlotte’s Web chapter 17. Look up the definitions for the words on page 24.x

May 2: Review chapters 13 to 16 for a quiz on Monday. Complete What is a Theme? worksheet.

April 29: Read chapters 15 and 16. Complete pages 22 and 23 for Thursday. Be ready for a test next Monday.

April 25: Read Charlotte’s Web chapters 13 and 14. Do only page 21 in your work duotang. 

April 18: Read Charlotte’s Web chapters 10 to 12 and complete work pages 17, 18 and 19 for our next class. An evaluation went home.

April 15: Look up the meanings to the words on page 16 for Thursday. An evaluation went home.

 April 11: Read Charlotte’s Web chapter 9: Complete pages 13, 14 and 15 in your duo tang for Monday. Review chapters 5 to 8 for a quiz on Monday. 

April 8: Read Charlotte’s Web chapters 7 and 8. Finish your spider for Thursday. 

April 4: Complete all pages in your spider 🕷 package for Monday. Read Charlotte’s Web if  you haven’t.

April 1: Read Charlotte’s Web chapters 5 and 6. Complete pages 10, 11 and 12 in your duotang for next class. An evaluation went home.

March 28: Complete Fern Personality Web for Monday.

March 25: Read chapter 4. Complete duotang page 9 section 1 and 2.  Reciew chapters 1 to 4 for a vocabulary/comprehension test on Thursday.

March 21: Read Charlotte’s Web chapter 3. Complete ALL chapter 3 work pages for next class. Look up the dictionary definitions for the words on page 8 for the next class.

DMarch 18: We began Charlotte’s Web. Read chapters 1 and 2. Complete only the vocabulary section, pages 1 and 2 in your duotang. Do not fall behind in your reading as this is a challenging book. You will love it!

March 11: Complete Spelling lesson and learn the new words for next class. You can practice on Spelling City.

February 25: Some have to recopy their letter foe Thursday.

February 18: Read your library book. If you lost your book you must bring in a replacement in order to use the library.

February 11: An evaluation went home. Complete all pages in your Hong Kong 🇭🇰 package. Tell your parents about our exciting project! Finish grammar lessons 26 to 30, all due Thursday.

February 7: Three evaluations went home. Scholastic deadline February 15. Read your library book.

February 4: Complete all pages in your Freckle Juice duotang for Thursday.

January 31: Spelling lesson 16 is due Monday. Complete all work pages and learn the new words.

January 28: Read chapter 3 and complete the vocabulary page and answer the 4 questions.

January 21: Review Freckle Juice chapters 1 and 2. There will be a vocabulary and comprehension test this Thursday. Complete and return your bookmarker. 

January 17: Finish grammar lessons 22 to 25. Read chapter 2 Freckle Juice each day. Complete the 2 work pages for Monday.

January 14: Complete all ch 1 questions and create your own product sheet. Reread chapter 1 each day.

January 10: We are reading a new book titled Freckle Juice. Read ch 1 each day. DO NOT GO AHEAD. Complete the 1st page (Vocabulary) in your black duotang for Monday.

December 10: An evaluation went home. Read your library book.

December 3: Working on our bird project in class. Read your library book.

November 29: 3 students don’t forget to bring me your bird work tomorrow morning.

November 26: We are doing a bird research project. Complete the last 3 questions using the bird fact sheet I gave you, for example Bald Eagles.  This is for Thursday. An evaluation went home.

November 15: Read your library book 📚.

November 12: An evaluation went home. Complete owl 🦉 booklet for next class. Read your library book 📚.

November 5: An evaluation went home. GRAMMAR EXAM ON THURSDAY.Read several times Barn Owl pages 89-97. November scholastic went home.

November 1: Spelling lesson 10 is due on Monday. Practice on Spelling City. Unit 1 grammar exam is next Thursday. You have to study and know the terminology as I’ve explained.

October 29: Today half the class presented their Keynote. We do the rest on Thursday. Grammar review for lessons 1 to 9 is due on Thursday.

October 25: Everyone has completed their Bat Keynote and has a hard copy. Oral presentations begin next Monday. Practice makes perfect!!

October 15: Grammar lessons 6 to 9 are due on Thursday. Some students have to rework their bat research and bring it to me tomorrow. Absent students must give it to me Wednesday. October scholastic went home.

October 11: Today everyone was assigned a bat 🦇 to research. Complete the research worksheet for Monday.

October 4: Complete your bat 🦇 package for next Tuesday.

October 1: Read your Amazing Bats Book and return it next time. Write and answer the question. An evaluation went home.

September 27: Grammar lessons 1 to 5 are due on Monday.

September 20: Complete Johnny Appleseed worksheets for next class. Read your library book 📖.)

September 17: 2 evaluations went home. Read your library book 📚. Bring an 🍎 apple 🍏 to class on Thursday.  Complete Reggie Alone 2 sided worksheet.

September 13: Read Reggie Alone each night, pages 82-85.

September 10: Spelling lesson 3 is due on Thursday. Complete the exercises and learn the words. You can practice on SpellingCity. Scholastic went home. Read my notice carefully and make sure to select the QC column.

September 6: Read each night My Friend Jacob pages 192-204. Complete the 3 worksheets for Monday.

August 30: A notice went home regarding our class and supplies. Complete your child glyph for next class.