Grade 2A

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our grade 2 web page. My name is Tracey Featherstone and I’m your child’s English teacher. Here you will find information about English homework, class work and upcoming school events. 

A school supply notice was sent out last June asking for certain items. Make sure your child has all the required duo tangs. BEFORE THE FIRST ENGLISH CLASS AT HOME LABEL THE DUO TANGS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME AND WRITE THE SUBJECT.

The duo tang must have pockets. All students are permitted only 1 pencil case to class. Make sure you purchase a large case to fit all pencil crayons, a few led pencils, eraser, large glue stick, sharper, scissors and stylus. ALL SUPPLIES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THEIR PACKAGING AT HOME AND ALL PENCILS SHARPENED AT HOME BEFORE THE FIRST ENGLISH CLASS. I DO NOT ALLOW MARKERS.

Thank you!!

Ms. Tracey Featherstone


December 4: Continue to read Henny Penny. Today we sent letters to Santa 🎅.

December 2: Read Henny Penny. Complete work for Henny Penny (problem/solution chart and sequencing chart) for next class. December scholastic went home. Online ordering can be from any of the catalogs.

November 27: Read each day Henny Penny pages 53-59. An evaluation went home. Here is another great and free reading application!


November 25: I’d like to share a nice educational application with you called Prizmo Go. Take a photo of the text and it reads back to you, highlighting each word.  The speed and voice can be adjusted.


November 18: Continue to read each day The Baby Beebee Bird. An evaluation went home.

November 13: Read each day The Baby Beebee Bird pages 33 to 41. Complete the worksheets for Monday.

November 11 🌺: Spelling lesson 11 is due Wednesday. Learn the 10 words and complete the worksheets. You can practice on Spelling City. Here is the link.

November 6: Read every day. Several students have difficulty reading 2nd grade stories. More reading practice is needed. 

November 4: In your journal finish writing about your weekend with your family AND color a nice picture. Read your library book.

October 30: Best Friend Book Oral Presentation begins on Monday. Everyone be prepared to present your book to the class. It’s not a reading test. Do your best to tell about your friend. Add any extra stories to enhance your presentation!

October 28: Some kids have completed their book and have a printed copy. Start preparing for your oral presentation.

October 23: Read your library book.

October 16: A great day on the iPad making books!

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October 7: Practice reading the 2 poems I gave you today. Read your library book.

October 2: Today we began My Best Friend project. Please read the handout that was given and do your best to have your child at class this month. Complete the 2 sided worksheet for Monday. If you like you can download the application: Book Creator. I showed the students how it works today. 

September 30: Complete Friends worksheet for next class. Read your library book. An evaluation went home.

September 25: Read your library book. Finish your puppy booklet for next class.

September 23: An evaluation went home. Read each day, The Last Puppy pages 19 to 26. Complete 2 sided worksheet for next class. Clean out your folder of all corrected work and notices.

September 18: Complete School Days worksheet and color the picture nicely. Read your library book.

September 16:  Continue to read Mother Bear’s Robin. There will be a test next class. Complete the 2 sided worksheet on the story for next class. Read your library book. AN EVALUATION WENT HOME.

September 11: Read your library book every day. Read 3 times each day, Mother Bear’s Robin Pages 4 to 12.

September 9: Read your library book every day. Return it next class. Complete Spelling Lesson 7 for Wednesday. Do all the pages and learn the 10 words for a test on Wednesday. Scholastic book club notice and flyer went home to. Absent kids check your desk for the spelling lesson. You are still responsible for completing the work. Practice on Spelling City.

September 3: A notice went home yesterday. Complete Froggy Goes to School worksheet for next class on Monday. Write and draw in the bottom square about your first day of school.