Grade 1B

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our grade one web page! My name is Tracey Featherstone and I’m your child’s English teacher. Here you will find information about English homework, class work and upcoming school events. I’ve been getting to know your kids and doing my best to get them organized.

A school supply notice was sent out last June asking for certain items. Make sure your child has a pocket folder. Every day you need to check this folder for homework to complete, corrections to be made and returned and notices from me. BEFORE THE FIRST ENGLISH CLASS AT HOME LABEL THE FOLDER WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME AND WRITE HOMEWORK. The folder is essential as your child has several teachers and subjects.

All students are permitted only 1 pencil case to class. Make sure you purchase a large case to fit all pencil crayons, a few led pencils, eraser, large glue stick, sharper, scissors and stylus. ALL SUPPLIES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THEIR PACKAGING AT HOME AND ALL PENCILS SHARPENED AT HOME BEFORE THE FIRST ENGLISH CLASS. I DO NOT ALLOW MARKERS.

Thank you!!

Ms. Tracey Featherstone


June 10: on Thursday I’ll be collecting all library books. No more take out.

June 3: Read Skippyjon Jones each day.

May 30: An evaluation went home. Today everyone got a new book, I am Skippyjon Jones. Read it each day and return it on Monday. A scholastic notice went home. Last of the year!

May 27: Several evaluations went home. Read your library book.

May 23: 3 evaluations went home. Spelling unit 7 is due on Monday. Finish all the work sheets and learn the new words.

May 16: Read your library book 📚.

May 13: Keep reading Wild Things. Complete phonics pages 73 to 79 for next class. Complete and previous pages you may have missed.

May 9: Continue to read Where the Wild Things Are. A test is coming! Complete all pages in your work package for Monday.

May 6: Read  each day Where the Wild Things Are. Complete pages 3 and 4 in the work package for next class. DO NOT leave your things at home! An evaluation went home.

May 2: Today during English class it was our school’s talent show. No new work was done today. Continue to read Wild Things at home. An evaluation went home.

April 29: We began a new book, Where the Wild Things Are. Read it every day and have it with you Thursday. An oral presentation notice went home. Each student has a date for their presentation.

April 25: Spelling Unit 5 due Monday.

April 18: An evaluation went home. Complete Spectrum Phonics work pages up to and including page 70 for next class. Finish your bird 🐦 booklet at home.

April 15: Read your library book. Complete work pages 55 to 63 in your Spectrum Phonics Workbook for Thursday.t

April 11: Continue to read your Peter Rabbit 🐰 Book. Be ready for a test on Monday! Everyone is reading so nicely 😀. 

April 8: Continue to read your Peter Rabbit 🐇 book every day. Complete writing section on the bottom of your sequence of events worksheet for Thursday. An evaluation went home. April scholastic went home.

April 4: Today we read The Tale of Peter Rabbit 🐰. Practice reading your book at home many times. I will ask you to read on Monday! You can colour it if you like.

April 1: Spelling Unit 4 is due on Thursday. Complete all pages and learn the new words. Practice on Spelling City.  Do pages 50 to 54 in your phonics workbook. All for Thursday.

March 28: Read your library book.

March 25: Working on a writing project on nutrition in class. An evaluation went home. Read your library book 📚.

March 21: Read your library book. An evaluation went home.

March 18: Complete phonics workbook pages 46 to 49. Some finished in class. Read The Chick and the Duckling pages 102 to 109. Complete 3 worksheets all for Thursday.  March scholastic went home.

March 14: Read your library book. Finish your journal writing, “My Vacation” along with a drawing.

March 11: Read Emily and Arthur each day. Complete worksheets for next class.

February 25: Complete your draw and tell story and practice reading it for your recording on Thursday.

February 18: Today we started an iPad project in class. Read your library book each day.

February 11: An evaluation went home. Read your library book.

February 7: Read your library book 📚.

February 4: Read The Snow pages 63-66 each day. Complete all worksheets for Thursday.

January 31: 2 evaluations went home. All pages in Spectrum Phonics must be completed up to and including page 45. Most have finished and I’ve seen it. Review the short vowel sounds a e i o u from pages 41 to 45. There is a test next Thursday. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY! Read your library book.

January 28: An evaluation went home. Finish in your phonics workbook pages 28 to 36 for Thursday. Read your library book.

January 17: Unit 3 Spelling (long a words) is due on Monday. Complete all pages and learn the new words. You can practice on Spelling City. Continue to read The Mitten everyday.

January 14: Continue to practice reading The Mitten every day. Also practice reading the book you made, Who’s in the Mitten? January scholastic went home.

January 10: We are reading The Mitten. Practice reading it many times or have it read to you. Make sure to return it on Monday. PARENTS : Make sure to get more school supplies. Many are missing scissors, glue, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and pencils crayons are a must to be replaced. Thank you.

December 10: Read your library book. Finish your Christmas stocking paper.

December 3: We had a surprise visitor today. Ask your child who stopped by for the month of December. Read your library book.

November 29: Read your library book. 

November 26: Read Hup, Two, Three, Four each day.  Complete giant writing sheet for next class. Use the words below to help you or add your own.

November 19: In class we are continuing to work on writing. I have encouraged everyone to practice at home writing little sentence. Read your library book. I will see you all next Monday as there is no school on Thursday.

November 15: Read your library book 📚.

November 12: An evaluation went home. Read your library book. Complete the last page in your My Story booklet for Thursday.

November 8: Read each night Work Horses 🐴 pages 71-79. Complete worksheets for Monday.

November 5: We did our first spelling lesson. Complete unit 4 worksheets and learn the 5 list words for Thursday. Practice playing on Spelling City. Look for unit 1 grade 1 (short a words). November scholastic went home.

November 1: An evaluation went home. Complete the review package on beginning and ending sounds. That includes reading the sentences on the bottom and colouring the images as specified. In class I said aloud each image for them to write the sounds. If the sheets are incomplete, fill in at home. Some students still don’t know all the alphabet sounds.

October 29: A reading evaluation went home today. A sheet went home with a list of words. This is a guideline as to what words your child should be able to read and write by grade level. Begin to go through the columns until your child can read them (not memorize them). Once they know these sight words, they will have no problems reading them in any given text. If your child does not know the alphabet sounds then this will be difficult. Reading and writing is one of the most difficult things we learn. It takes much practice to become fluent. Read your library book 📖.

October 25: Read Henry’s Exercises Pages 54 to 63 every day. Practice knowing on, off, over, under, up and down. Complete worksheets for Monday. ALL BOOKS MUST BE RETURNED MONDAY.

October 22: Read your library book. I’ve been checking. Several evaluations went home. Clean out your duotang! 

October 18: An evaluation went home. Read your library book 📚. 

October 15: Read Busy Day (see handout). Complete the worksheets for busy day. Know all the “ing” words for next class. Read every day. Reading evaluations will be starting. October scholastic went home today.

October 11: Read 3 times each night The Highway Pages 22 to 26. Complete number booklet for Monday. Be ready for the number test on Monday. Orals continue Monday. If you came to class unprepared you can have a 2nd chance on Monday!! RETURN HOW I WONDER ON MONDAY.

October 4: It’s important to read my site. Orals started today. Read your library book 📚. Learn to read the number words from one to ten. Happy turkey 🦃 day!

October 1: Read your library book each day. Clean out your duotang of all corrected papers. First orals are on Thursday. I apologize for the delay in the Scholastic order. Delays in the warehouse plus the order was huge! 

September 27: Read your new rhyming story to your family 😀. ORAL PRESENTATION NOTICE went home. Be ready to do your “show & Tell” on the date given! Read your library book 📚.

September 24: Read each night 1,2 Buckle My Shoe and One,Two Bubblegum Chew (see handout). Complete work sheet. Learn o read the numbers one to ten. Read your library book. AN EVALUATION WENT HOME.

September 20: Read your library book. 

September 17: Read your library book every day. A Phonics workbook was sent home today. Continue working up to and including page 18. DO NOT PASS 18. Return the book on Thursday in the same condition. Know your colors for Thursday.🌈

September 13: Read your library book. 5 DID NOT do their homework. They will have extra to do for Monday. Complete a new set of color work for Monday. Know your colors for Thursday. Be able to read the words and recognize it’s color!

September 10: Read you library book each night. Read and learn the song, Sing A Rainbow (see sheet). Complete color booklet for nene to class. Complete handwriting sheet for next class (practice your name).

September 6: Read your library book each night. Practice makes perfect and return it next class. Scholastic Book club went home. Read my notice before ordering. NO CASH. I have 6 classes so place order in a clearly marked envelope or online.

August 30: A notice went home. Make sure to get all your required supplies for next class!