Homework for Thursday September 21

hello students,

for homework, please complete your music quiz and answer these questions in your vocabulary file:

what is you favorite song?

hows does it make you feel?

what do you think is the message behind the song?


Corrected dictation

And here is your corrected-dictation

Homework for Sept 19th


For next week, please understand these expressions in order to prepare for your evaluation:


-excess consumption

-trapped in a web of advertising

-cloud your mind



We will review these expressions just before writing your evaluation so please have them done!


Have a good day,



Homework for Sept 15, 2016


Your homework for Thursday is to answer 2 of these statements (say if you agree, disagree and explain why)

1) Commercials should not advertise prices of a product

2) Using negative emotions to make you buy a product is morally right

3) Products would sell more if commercials were silent


See you soon!

Homework for Sept,12, 2016

Hello boys and girls!

A reminder that you need to study your advertisement vocabulary words for your dictation on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2016. Also, on a loose sheet of paper, answer the following questions:

What form of advertisement would you choose to advertise your product?

What is the age group for your product?

How would your product (already existing, or completely invented) help people?

How much would you sell your product for?

Advertisement lesson 1 sheets and homework

Hello class!

just a reminder that your homework for September 8,2016:

1) vocabulary notebook: please write three sentences using three new words from our advertising vocabulary sheet (that you worked on in groups)

2) vocabulary notebook:find a commercial while watching tv ad and describe it in 3 sentences using the vocabulary from your worksheet

I am putting the information from the sheets in this message so it can copied and pasted into Word.

***i am attaching the vent diagram as a picture for you to print as well


Product Placement: Paying a movie or TV show to display a company’s product during the film or show.
Gloss: Shiny, not substantial.
Circulation: Number of readers or subscribers to a magazine or newspaper.
Jingle: Catchy tune usually rhyming, simple, and repetitive used to promote a product.
Slogan: A phrase identified with a firm. A motto used in selling a company.
Motto: A sentence that serves as a principle or ideal.
Roadside Signs: Any of the large panels usually found alongside roads and highways used as gigantic advertising posters.
Hype: Great publicity or exaggerated claims to promote or accentuate.
To write copy: To create the words to be printed or spoken in a commercial or ad.
Drum up: To summon or procure (as if by beating a drum) obtain by repetitive and persistent effort.
Gloss over: To cover up a mistake by speaking rapidly so as not to deal with the issue correctly.
Plug: To promote or popularize.
Radio or TV spot: The position of a commercial in a radio program or TV line up.
Account: In advertising, account is synonymous with client or contract.
Announce: An ad that makes public via the purchase of some lines in a newspaper or magazine, an offer or information.
Want ad: Job offer, also the classifieds.
Commercial: An advertisement on TV or radio.
Buzz: Excited talk or rumors ; speaking rapidly in a low voice.
Logo: An identifying symbol used as a trademark in advertising.
Pitch: Way of selling or trying to sell a product or a service.
Clip: A short segment of a film, TV program or video.


▪ Television
▪ Radio
▪ Newspapers
▪ Magazines
▪ Flyers
▪ Internet
▪ Movies
▪ Billboards
▪ Stores
▪ Cafeterias, restaurants, bars
▪ People : rollerbladers carrying signs / sandwich boards
▪ Gas stations
▪ Public bathrooms
▪ Bus shelters
▪ Sports clubs
▪ CD jackets
▪ Bookmarks
▪ Pens and pencils
▪ Free samples, gadgets
▪ Food containers
▪ Clothes : jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, etc.
▪ Bags
▪ Sports equipment
▪ Cars, public transportation, racing cars
▪ Sky : skywriting or planes towing a sign
▪ Etc.

Venn diagram
Positive aspect listening. Common aspects. Positive aspect viewing






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