December 20

Type :
2 responses to Introduction to my city (p.5)
your poem, and respond to 2 poems(p.13) ** Charting Journeys
Write in a discussion post, the research you did on your city of choice(p. 15)**Discovering Local Immigrant Communities
Ask one question to another person from the city you chose(p. 15)** Discovering Local Immigrant Communities

Text for November 24

Hello everyone, here is the text I want you to read and look up words for if you do not understand them. You will get the evaluation questions on Thursday. I will also be posting,  tomorrow,  material you will need for your activity in class after the evaluation, so we can save paper or you can print the number of copies you want.



Homework for Thursday

For Thrusday,

on your topic sentence stencil, please highlight the support(s) in green (an explanation for your topic sentence) and the example(s)in blue.

Also, answer the following question: What is a white lie?

Homework for Monday

Answer the following questions on a piece of paper:

Have you ever told a lie?

What/why was the reason?


Hey all :)

Please just finish your journal entry if you have not done so yet:

Why do you think schools implement uniforms?

And remember to bring old, not stinky clothing for our final task on Thursday :)

Have a great weekend!

For Thursday


For Thursday, please watch the American Idol link below. Tell what what your impressions of Mandisa were (appearance, voice, judges’ comments)

link: Mandisa’s Audition


For Monday, use trend, fashion and style in 3 different sentences in your vocabulary notebook. Make sure to complete your diagram for your debate (the left side is your notes on your chosen style, the right side is your partner’s notes on their chosen style, the middle is your answers to these questions: Are your styles popular in 2016? Are your styles considered beautiful? How would your styles help you define beauty? »

Homework for Thurdsay


Just complete the first page of your style package.

Write 3 characteristics of the style (what you see)

Write two adjectives to describe the person’s attitude

Write one sentence to describe the person’s personality


Commercial Grading sheet

Here is the grading sheet for your commercials,


Also, a reminder that you need to send me your commercials and your scripts please. If it’s a problem, upload your information to Dropbox and hand in your scripts in class.



Homework for September 26

Hey all!

Your task this week is to complete your commercial, send it to me @ You must send your script too ( if you are typing it). Remember that your story board notes are telling me what I should SEE in your commercial, and your script what i should HEAR in your commercial. Not more then a minute long. All scripts and information sheets are due Monday before presenting your commercials.

Good luck!