For Thursday

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Hello everyone!

First, thank you for a fun class today!

Secondly, your homework is to finish your character conflict chart (if you did not do it yet, see the post before this one), and to then take some examples of those conflicts, or things that your character does, and replace them with idiomatic expressions.

Ex: My character was is Rapunzel. A conflict she has is person versus society. An example of this conflict is how she acts crazy once she escapes her tower. I could say that Rapunzel was as mad as a hatter once she escaped from her tower

Finally, make sure you have read until ch.19; class will be split between the work we have done so far and some movie time


Homework for Feb 27

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please make a character map for a character of your choice (not from the Holes novel). Please choose four types of conflict for this character, and explain how the character goes through these conflict. Please include one example for each conflict.

Also, read chapter 15-19 for next Monday.

For or those of you who were absent here is a description of the types of conflict:

person versus person:when the character has a problem with other people

person versus society: when the character has a problem with the law

Person versus self: when the person has an internal problem ( thoughts, feelings, emotions)

person versus nature: person has a conflict with their environment

person versus fate: person has a problem with their destiny ( ex: you want to be a firefighter and you know you are meant to be one, but your parents say you need to become a doctor)

Person versus machine: person has a problem with technology or a man made item

here is an EXAMPLE ( do not copy the information) of what your character conflict map should look likeimage

For next week

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Please read ch 15-19 and complete the stencils I gave on singular and plural pronouns, SVA agreement, and adjective order.

Feb 6

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please prepare positive and negative notes on the following topics (10 points per topic)

electric cars versus gaz fuelled cars

leaving water running versus turning water off

buying new clothes versus recycling old clothes