homework for feb 2

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please complete your conditional sheet and bring an empty milk carton or bottle to school for RECYCLED ART :) By the way, has anybody looked at the calendar for the month of February? I have a picture with you munchkins!!!!


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your recycling suggestion counts as homework which is part of your report card. If you have not yet done it, I suggest you do to help boost your grades. Remember to list one object that you can make something new out of. List the steps to make that new object

For Monday January 23, 2017

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-Practice your travel project.

– Study your ten words (swamp, marina, tusks, habitat, deserted, species, extinct, asteroid, exploitation, and drain), and make one sentence for each word. This will help you prepare for your dictation.

***If you did not give me your four journal entries from the holidays, Monday is the absolute last day I am accepting them.

Homework for Jan 16

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please polish and practice your travel project, and bring an old t shirt to class on Monday