Around the world in 80 days movie questions part 4

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Here is an extra movie link in case the wow movie link does not work :around the world in 80 days

The questions for part 4 of the movie are:

1)On which day did the travellers go to Turkey?

2)What is the Turkish prince’s name?

3)How many wives does the prince have?

4)What does Lord Kelvin think Fogg actually did instead of wanting to travel the world in 80 days?

5)What country was ruling India at the time?

6)On which day did the travellers get to India?

7) What arrest legends born from?

Homework for Monday

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here are your movie questions:

what time does Fogg need to be back in order to win the bet?

Does he have living family?

what is Fogg’s first destination?

where does Passeportout bring Fogg in France?

what is the artist’s name? What was she hired to do at the art gallery?

what is Fogg’s dream?

what mode of transportation do Fogg,Passeportout and Monique take to catch their train? Where is the train going?

What object was stolen from Passeportout’s village? What does this object do? What are the names of the robbers that stole this object ?


Monday December 5th

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please answer the following questions for the movie:

who was the queen of England at the time?

what flying machine that we have today did Fogg hope to invent?

where is passeportout from originally?

describe the golden age of inventing?

what will happen if Fogg makes it around the world in 80 days?


the website is

search: around the world in 80 days

it’s the first movie

time :9:00-18:30