Homework for December 1

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For homework:

Find one travel booking site

Finish your journal entry ( 1st world and third world countries so we can continue the debate/discussion on Thursday)

watch this link and answer the following three questions:

1) what are three tricks you learned about packing from this video?

2) is it better to pack many clothes or a few pieces of clothing? why or why not?

3) what packing trick will you try in the future?

Homework for Nov.28

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Here are the questions for Monday, based on « Around the World in 80 Days »:

1) Which building was robbed?

2) In which country does the beginning of the movie take place?

3) What is the scientist’s name?

4)What machine did Fogg attempt to invent?

5) What is the new valet’s name?

6) What is the name of the man in charge of the Royal Science Academy?

take care,

Ms. Rachel

Homework for Thursday

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heh w wryine!

Please complete the grammar sheet of past tense and past perfect. Also, please choose five of the countries you researched and research the most interesting places to visit in them. If you need help, I’m at school tomorrow!

Take care:)

Homework for Monday November 20th

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Please research as many English speaking countries as you can. Write them down, with their capitals in your vocabulary notebook. Also, complete your travel vocabulary sheets (p.13-14): define the word in your own words and use it in a sentence.

Take care!

Homework for November 10

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Hello all!


Great at job today on your comic strip! I was proud of your efforts and creative minds working together! For Thursday’s evaluation, please re read the text I put last time about Malala ( click on Malala text in the last post I wrote) and review the new words list I put. I’m at school tomorrow so do not hesitate to find me if you have any questions!


Ms. Rachel

Homework and preparation for evaluations on Nov 7

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Hello everyone!

So next class will be split in three (comic drawings, practice and present your comic, hero’s journey evaluation). To help you prepare:

– Practice your comic strip story

-Read the text for your evaluation and review the vocabulary words (click on malala-text and it will open to up the text with the definitions)