Homework for Oct 27.

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So just to clarify your homework, you need to make two hero journey charts; one for Christopher Reeve, and one for a hero of your choice. Just write down information in note form, so it is easier to read and for you to write. Here is an explanation of each section to help you out:

Call for departure: What happens to the hero that makes his go on his journey?

Departure: When the hero goes from one place or country to another

Trials: Any even where the character will be judged ( an audition, workout sessions, a test, etc)

Crisis: The event that happens in the hero’s life that creates a problem

Result: The even or solution to the problem

Return: What does the hero do to try to make his life normal or to fix the problem?

New life: What is new about the hero’s life after the crisis, result, and return?

Resolution: How does this hero’s story end?

For October 24th

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Here is the whole text on Superman that you looked at in parts today in class. I have included the words with definitions on the third page. Your homework is to read the story and to choose five words, and use them in 5 different sentences in your vocabulary notebook for Monday.

Here is the story and wordlist: superman


See you tomorrow (at dance)!

Homework for next Monday

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Hello all!

Your homework for next Monday is to answer the following questions on a piece of paper:

How would you describe a hero ( appearance, actions)

Do you have any heroes in your life? Can you describe them?


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Your homework for this week is simply to research place according to your group. Try to find 5-10 places per person, so you have more choices when making your map.

That’s all!

Have a great long weekend!

For Thursday!

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Please review the prepositions of location that we learnt today in order to prepare for your evaluation on Thursday :)