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First of all,  Congratulations on your Terry Fox Run!

Secondly, I am so porud of how each and everyone one of you made Mme. Magali feel today; it touched my heart!

And finally, your homework is to pick a place on your map. use « tur right ot turn left, above and across » in 3 different sentences to describe the location of the building around the building you chose. Example: my building : the school. The bustop is across the street from the school. The post office is to the right of the school. the libray is above the school.


Have a nice weekend my grandma and grandfather apples!

Homework for Thursday

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Just complete page 27 of your giving directions package


Homework for Monday September 26th

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Hello everyone!

A reminder that if you have not finished your Olympian poster, it is due maximum by Monday’s class.  Your homework for this week is to finish your sports posters (changing rules with the item I gave you in class), and to write down your favorite place in Montreal, and directions on how to get there ( by car, bus, walking, metro…helicopter)

And if you have no finished your journal entries:

-Invent a country, flag, name the countries around it and the national sport

-Why do you think more men then women participate in the Olympics?

All to be done in your vocabulary folder since I have your journals

Have a great weekend!

Homework for Thursday September 22

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hello students!

Your homwork is to answer the following question: why do you think there are more men then women in the Olympics?

then, in teams of 4, please find a sport. Write the rules, point system and the name of it. We will do a fun wrap up lesson with it this Thursday!



ps: I’ll post the Usain Bolt text tomorrow, I forgot my sheet at school

Homework for September 19th

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For homework, please take notes ( 10 ideas in point form) on the following question:

What do you think are the most dangerous sports in the Olympics? Why?

You can do some research to support your examples

Also, you must finish your Olympian poster. I will attach a picture of mine so you can have a visual to follow if you need it!

Message me if you have any questions,

Have a great weekend,



Homework for Sept 15th, 2016

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Hello my darlings!

Your homework for Thursday is the following

1) Answer these questions in your creative journal: If you could invent a country, what would you name it? What countries would be surrounding it? What would be the colors of the flag? What is your country’s national sport?

2) Finish your research on an Olympian



Olympian information

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correction-legend describe-an-olympian



Olympics homework lesson 1

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hello students!

just a reminder that your homework I to write three sentences in your vocabulary notebook using three news words  the Olympiads wordle sheet.  Homework is due September 8th!